About Us

The Lihou Charitable Trust is a locally registered charity set up in 2005 to maintain and operate Lihou House for the benefit of the community. It is available to any family, business, special interest, youth or school group who want to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Island when cut off by the tide. During your time on Lihou you will have the opportunity to: learn about the Island's fascinating history, explore its many-man-made features or just relax, contemplate and enjoy the stunning views. We call this the 'The Lihou Experience'.

The Trust is made up of three Trustees, a management committee and one employed person who is the warden, who is there to manage and maintain the house and its guests.

The Trust's patron is Sir Richard Collas, The Bailiff of Guernsey.

The Trust prides itself as an 'open' organisation that welcomes all persons who wish to help out in any way. This could be by joining the management committee or helping paint during maintenance weekends or serve teas on open days.

The Lihou Charitable Trust is also very lucky to have the support of a sister organisation, The Friends of Lihou, who work constantly to assist in raising funds to help maintain the house and support the core work of The Trust.

If you would like to help out, donate towards funds or join the committee, you would be most welcome to do so by contacting the Trust through the contact page.

Lihou resources

Lihou house generates its own drinking water, electricity and deals with its own sewage. Diesel for the generator and gas for the kitchen has to be transported to the island when needed. Please do not waste resources. Turn taps off when not in use. Turn the gas hob off when not needed. Turn off all lights when leaving a room and remind others to do the same.